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Proofreading and editing services for novels and short stories


Authors spend months writing a novel. Before submitting manuscripts to agents and publishers, it is important to hire someone to copy edit or proofread it, either to correct minor grammatical or typographical errors or to provide a more in-depth edit and review.

Fees for novels and short stories


When an author first contacts me, I offer to sample edit the first five pages (double spaced, 12 pt font) of his or her work.  This free sample edit benefits both me and the author.  I can assess the level of editing required.  Authors have the opportunity to see how I edit as well as the amount of editing they will likely require.  Once I have completed the sample edit, I consider it and the word count of the work in order to establish my fee. 

Social media promotion

For any book I edit, I will also offer to Tweet about the book (up to 60 Tweets).  For example, the author may prefer Tweets for 30 days leading up to the book launch and 30 days after, or may prefer that all 60 Tweets occur after the book launch.  The author must provide the text for each Tweet and the link to the book (alternatively, I will re-Tweet the client's Tweets).

For any books I have not edited, Tweeting packages are available.  I am open to additional social media promotion services, as requested by authors at a negotiated fee.

 Tweeting packages

  • 1 Tweet per day for 30 days, $5
  • 1 Tweet per day for 60 days, $10
  • 1 Tweet per day for 90 days, $15
  • 2 Tweets per day for 30 days, $10
  • 2 Tweets per day for 60 days, $15
  • 2 Tweets per day for 90 days, $20

For additional social media services, please contact me.


Payment method: PayPal  

Once you send your document, I’ll send you an invoice and begin work.  Your document will not be returned until payment is received.


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